Hi guys, there are many people asking a query about the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting. Basically, they want to know that which one is better for them, with a comparison of cost and quality. Whether you are a blogger, tech enthusiast, web  professional or businesses alike, this has been a matter of discussion and misconceptions.

What Is The Difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting_

You would like to read this blog, whether you want to choose better hosting packages or just improve your knowledge. The cloud hosting and shared hosting have their own benefits and shortcomings as well, today we are going to discuss it so that you can make your own decision of selecting hosting type whether it could be shared or cloud hosting according to your needs.


Before we start with the discussion, let’s first understand that shared and cloud hosting serve different purposes although both are the web hosting.

What is cloud hosting?

know what is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting means all your data it clouds be a website, web application or any software code is hosted on a cluster of many servers instead of storing your data on a single server. In case if any issue comes on a specific server, your website will be migrated and access through other servers so that you will have smooth and uninterrupted services.

With the use of cloud computing technology, many servers work as one entity and the quality of service depends on the servers connected with each other.

The advocates of the cloud hosting love this hosting because of its flexibility and speed. The high traffic is the main reason for cloud hosting so you can easily handle the sudden change in traffic. If still won’t need more clarity on what is cloud hosting, watch this video on the concept of cloud hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is hosting whereas many websites hosted on the same physical server. On a web server, there are multiple VPNs and each VPN consist of small spaces allocated to few websites. And the web space created in the VPNs allocated to host more than one website and it is known as the shared hosting.

How Shared hosting works?

Each user on the shared space has predefined bandwidth given and other users share the disk space, RAM with other users. In simple word you can imagine as you are living in a rented house with your friends and friends of a friend. You all will share the house, in the same way, shared hosting works. Let’s get a cheap and best-shared hosting.

Let’s begin with the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting.

1) Security:

Website Security Is Important

Let’s find out the benefits of shared hosting vs cloud hosting on the basis of security which is very essential for everyone.

A) Shared Hosting: The security of shared hosting depends on the applications and databases which make it vulnerable to hackers. If someone hacks the one website on the shared space it is very easier to access other websites on the same server space. Once a website hacks the backdoor entry opens for other hackers as well.

What you can do to avoid hacking of your website at your end?

Since the security risk is more on shared hosting. You should keep secure yourself as well as other users who have shared space with you. There few basic things you can follow to keep your website secure from your end are:

  • Use reliable and updated antivirus.
  • Make a strong and unique password for cPanel.
  • Disable unwanted options of your PHP settings.

B) Cloud Hosting: Though the cloud hosting deals with arising issues using security control and traditional security problems. The cloud hosting providers incorporating encrypted algorithms to protect data and user privacy.

Conclusion: The cloud hosting win in the completion of security as it provides more control and in case any problems with hardware you can backup or migrate your website to other servers. Which is not possible in the case of shared hosting.

2) Performance:

A) Shared Hosting: With much advancement in technology like SSD servers and custom built servers. The websites on shared hosting encounter the speed issue still there are companies those have reasonably done very well. The other thing that is the constant downtime and content outage may be the other issue for a few shared customers.

B) Cloud Hosting: The cloud hosting will offer you a fast, customizable and scalable platform. Having a sudden change in traffic will not impact the function of your website as the site will access from other servers as well. The main benefit and reason to take cloud hosting is the traffic. If your website encounters large traffic cloud hosting will benefits you.

Conclusion: No need to mention it! Cloud hosting offers you scalable and fast services as compared to shared hosting.

3) Cost:

cost of shared vs cloud hosting

A) Shared Hosting: As it allows you to share space with other users the cost comes down as you all split it. In the case of shared hosting the payment can be on monthly basis, yearly or you can take it for 1 to 3 years. As the longer duration less the price need to pay.

B)Cloud Hosting: Many cloud hosting services told you that you don’t need to pay for hosting when you are not using it, but the cost will depend on how you build your infrastructure. And if many apps or website and you are not tracking them properly the chances are more you will end up with very expensive bills. If you properly mapped your objectives for the cloud hosting, you will have less expensive bills.

Conclusion:  As the charge is fixed on a monthly or yearly basis no need to think about expensive bills. The cost of shared hosting is very less as compared to cloud hosting. Having said that the traffic of your website matters the most if your website has huge traffic then shared hosting will not be the option for you.

The cloud hosting vs shared hosting debates ends here as the majority of users who wanted to know what is cloud hosting & how does it work, I hope you had a clear idea now about the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting. To know more details you can visit Wikipedia for cloud hosting wiki.

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I personally don’t like to say which one is the best cloud hosting service. It is your task to find our best service provider for cloud hosting.

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