Finally we like to see the trends in Technology

Brian Microchips

The scientist did lots of hard work on Brian Microchips, it is a technology which connects human brains with help of the microchips. As we know technology change rapidly, Brain Microchips is the combination of Computer Science and electronics. This technology connects your brains and operated by programming system, and you can store data with help of microchips.

Intel was already predicted that they able to implement this system 2019-20. Now currently it possible to put a microchip in brain and store data or neural activates conducted by this new technology. As per the survey, it is the latest technology in the world.

Certainly, we are also waiting for this tech trend.

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security is the main issue from last decade, and cybersecurity expert was protected from hacking problems. As we can see in market huge demand for cybersecurity professional throughout the world.

In the new technology world old IT was dying. So bigger problem in the IT world may be the threats crate by the cloud, Mobile wireless technology, the Internet of Things and many more upcoming technologies in this field.

As we know Artificial Intelligent, & Machine Learning creates an extremely large quantity of data and this data is so important to protect. Certainly, the technologies are developed but cybersecurity isn’t scoped with it. So it is most noteworthy for cyber experts and role in technology.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the simplest way of obtaining the shared computing data by the organizations through internet services. It is the latest technology in computer field.

If Customer uses a cloud computing system in his organization then there will be no need for a dedicated server and maybe no need of IT service provider. Cloud Computing use the protocols that allow for IT resources to remote access.

We have tried to collect the best tech trends for 2019. So, this is your turn comment which technology will be the best for you among the list of top technology trends in 2019. For more technology topics updates follow us on Instagram, Twitter and like our Facebook Page. Similarly, do visit our website BDigitaU for more updates.

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